How to re-commit to your goals?

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Re-committing to your goals

Have you ever simply forgotten about the goals you had set for a specific moment in your life?


I’m sure you can relate to the fact that sometimes life happens, and we’re just too busy to remember what we wanted to accomplish. Then, we realize we haven’t gotten far, and that’s when it hits us. 


There’s a simple way to fix this, and it only takes a few minutes of your time. For example, in my case, every time I go to the bathroom every morning, I look at myself in the mirror and say: ¨Brenda, today is the day you’ll accomplish this step toward your end goal, which is to lose the weight I’ve gained.¨ That goal, of course, sounds like a lot of work, time, and effort, and I break it down every day by asking myself these questions: Am I on track? How’s my progress looking compared with last week? Am I taking the proper steps today? 


After I say this in front of the mirror, I proceed to write down in my journal (which I keep close to me when I’m at home) at least three actionable steps I need to take during the day to get closer to my objective. This helps me stay on track by keeping the focus on my end goal.


For this specific case, the action steps I write down and follow up on are, first of all, to avoid buying snacks. So, if that day I need to do some grocery shopping, I stick to the foods I allow myself to eat. The second step I write down is to eat only healthy meals during the day, and drink tons of water. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s crazy how easily we can forget to do it, so I keep it down as well. And my third actionable step is to set aside at least half an hour from my day to hit the gym and work out.


Then, before I step out of the bathroom, I'll add a personal statement; my why. Why do I want to do this? And the answer is pretty simple: because I love myself, and I want what’s most beneficial for my health. 


As you can see, you only need 5 minutes of your day. Keeping a small journal, a piece of paper, or even a post-it handy will help you remember. Make sure you focus and write it all down. 


Make sure you check your progress at the end of the day. This will ensure you did not skip any steps and that you at least checked the three main actionable steps. Then, at the end of the week, compare the results you managed to accomplish and make decisions about what will be the next steps for the upcoming week. You’ll be surprised to see how much self-work you can get done with this habit. 


So, with that said, let’s all recommit to our goals. It doesn’t matter what they are, squeeze these small but effective steps into your daily routine. I assure you, you won’t even feel the difference in your busy life, but oh boy! You’ll get so far ahead with your goals that you won't believe it! This is the ultimate form of self-love, so grab the momentum and get started today!


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