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I’m dedicated to helping you change your life by successfully changing your habits.

As a personal trainer, and nutritional and mindset coach, I’ve seen firsthand what happens when we lose weight the wrong way.

It’s my mission to help as many people as possible become the best version of themselves through a mindset shift. To remove the stigma from food and educate people through wellness. 

My courses will help you make the mind, body, and soul connection to uncover the most authentic version of yourself and rid yourself of limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving success.

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What My Clients Are Saying

"My experience with Brenda has been great! I do not exaggerate when I say that she has improved my life. Brenda is super approachable and has a heart of gold, but she is also highly knowledgeable and takes her job very seriously. It's the perfect combination! I reached out to Brenda because I needed to lose weight to fit into my bridesmaid's dress. Over about two months, I lost more than 20 pounds with her guidance. The dress fit like a glove! I recommend Brenda if you're looking for someone passionate about helping others achieve their goals, who are knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, who will answer all of your questions even outside the gym, who will tailor a plan for you that is effective, who will be friendly but will also push you as needed, someone who is working alongside you and not just barking directions at you when you're working out. It is obvious that Brenda cares about her clients and isn't merely trying to collect a paycheck. I am grateful to have found such an excellent trainer. Thank you for everything, Brenda!" 
- Yokasta

"Brenda is an excellent personal trainer and the best personal trainer I have ever had. She is knowledgeable and flexible to individual clients’ needs. Brenda has adjusted routines throughout my pregnancy, surgical recovery, and various orthopedic injuries (wrist tendinitis, ankle sprain, knee strain, back pain). She keeps our sessions new and fresh even after more than four years together. Training with Brenda constantly challenges me and pushes me passed where I would go myself and safely and effectively. I appreciate her willingness to come to train almost any day or time. It is clear how much she cares for her clients’ well-being - mentally and physically. I would recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their fitness. Thanks, Brenda!!!"

- Emily

"After training with Brenda for about 4 months I have noticed significant results. Brenda always makes sure to mix up the workouts and always makes sure I get a full body workout. She pushes me to always make the best of every session. Not only is she a great trainer, but she is punctual, professional and flexible."

- Leonor


Are you ready to start living the life you desire?

I firmly believe that you can make a mind, body, and soul connection to uncover the most authentic version of yourself, as well as eliminate limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving success. Here’s what I do:

1:1 Coaching

Sometimes it's hard to go through a life-changing process alone. That's why I'm your person! You'll achieve your health goals with a fantastic support system, so what are you waiting for?


Transform Your Habits And Change Your Life Course

Are you struggling with your goals? You'll learn how to overcome obstacles and implement valuable life-changing habits to achieve what you never thought possible! 


Meal Packs

Discover monthly eating plans that are easy to make without breaking the bank and losing your mind!